Graduating with a masters degree in multimedia journalism from New York University (NYU) with a concentration in Israel Studies, I specialize in breaking news, national politics, local stories, production, and visual storytelling. 

Producing live content, I became comfortable in a fast paced environment and learned to thrive on breaking news assignments. I performed well as a reporter, writer, and director mastering the ability to come up with story ideas for multiple segments, including a weekly segment on breaking news in the Middle East - writing broadcast scripts and commentaries for live interviews. I created digital graphics and edited video for live segments and ran and read teleprompter for our show. Familiar with a broadcast studio, broadcast style writing, and turning AP wire copies into TV-ready VOSOTs, I learned to oversee all elements of a live newscast.

I also found strong investigative reporting skills, with the ability to uncover complicated issues. From a small string of information of anti-Semitic activity on campus, I stayed with a story, which turned into a two - year investigation.  My ethnographic research into an NYU non-profit student group found connections to a designated terrorist in Chicago and funding that linked multiple groups to a terrorist organization in the Middle East. Ultimately, I unraveled a story that exposed the student-run 501(c)(3) to illegal fundraising, financial ties to terrorism, and 135 NYU faculty members with radical extremism intent to reform student beliefs. Not intimidated by complex information, my tenacity pushed me to dig into this story, getting to the core of the issue. A strong investigative reporter, I am able to read through lines of grey, with an understanding that not every story is black and white. 

Writing and producing assignments for our online news site, Pavement Pieces, I performed well at editing content and creating video and NPR-style audio slideshows. Covering a beat on tolerance, I gathered content for assignments on religion, sexuality, discrimination, trauma, terrorism, wars, and violence. Each story included multimedia components including video, audio, and photos.